Application deadline is December 7, 2017 SummerStage Tulsa 2018 will be held June 1-230 2018.

Guidelines for Application
Applications for the SummerStage Tulsa Festival are online. SummerStage Tulsa productions are staged in the John H. Williams Theatre (capacity 433), the Liddy Doenges Theatre (capacity 200-288), or the Charles E. Norman Theatre (capacity 96–134). Preview these theatres at

Financial Commitment
The Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust underwrites the cost of PAC rent and security for all groups participating in SummerStage. However, each organization or artist is responsible for additional PAC costs related to their productions. All groups and artists set their own ticket prices and keep the net revenue from sales.

Selection Process
SummerStage participants are chosen by the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust programming staff. The goal is to create a festival that offers a variety of genres, quality productions and events that reflect Tulsa’s diverse community. Special consideration is given to new or original works or projects that demonstrate innovation.

Basic PAC Expenses
Rent: Underwritten by Tulsa PAC Trust
Security: Underwritten by Tulsa PAC Trust
Ushers: Provided by Tulsa PAC
Insurance: Provided by Tulsa PAC Trust, if necessary

PAC Cleaning Fee: $75 per performance
PAC Ticket Office: $75-$125 per performance
PAC Ticket Printing: $.05 per ticket
PAC Permit Fee: $25 per contract
PAC Stagehand on Call: $70-$95 per day
PAC Credit Card Fees: 2.5% of total gross sales by credit card

Sales Tax: 8.517% debited from gross ticket sales

Other fees include additional stagehand labor and equipment rental. Estimates are available in advance with the submission of a detailed technical rider.

Ticket Prices & Settlement
Each production may set its own ticket prices. After the production closes, the PAC accountants will deduct facility costs, sales tax and credit card fees from the gross sales before issuing a settlement check. The PAC has five working days to complete settlement.

Artistic Content
You maintain complete artistic freedom for the content of your production. If your production includes material that is not suitable for children, please inform the PAC at once and indicate so in all publicity and press kits. A “Mature Audiences” warning will appear on all tickets.

Technical Crew
The PAC requires that each production have a professional and/or certified technical staff. Volunteer technicians must pass a PAC certification exam. To schedule an exam, contact PAC Technical Director Scott McLarty for assistance at 918 596-2394. Technical fees for IATSE personnel are the responsibility of each artist or arts organizations.