Workshop: The Art of Street Performance

Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 9:00am
Fly Loft - 117 N. Boston

All the major cities of the world have them: Buskers. These colorful, amazing street performers captivate audiences with their feats of strength, skill and daring. Sometimes they juggle, eat fire or do magic acts. Sometimes they are stationery characters that reward a generous tipper with a clever, subtle response. These performers are creative and bold; they compete to have the most interesting costumes and surprising acts on the street. Do you have an idea for an act but just don’t know where to start?

Workshop Facilitator: Richard Renner, artistic director of the Lawrence Busker Festival in Kansas.
Richard Renner has been a street performer since 1981 and has worked all over the world on both stage and street. In the Tulsa workshop, Renner leads participants through a formalized workshop that teaches the following:

  • The history and basics of street performance:
  • How to create a “street worthy” act capable of making money from tips
  • How to develop your own style and costume
  • How to attract and hold an audience

After a break for lunch, participants will have a chance to practice their act and then perform in front of their peers for constructive feedback.

Participants should be 17 years or older, have some performance experience and have a skill or character you want to develop. Be sure to bring your costume, props or instruments to the workshop.

A few participants might earn a chance to perform at Guthrie Green on July 11 for Tulsa’s first Busker Night!

$15 – Lunch not included.

Presented by the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust. For more information, contact Shirley Elliott at